All developmental projects and activities are broadly categorized in to two categories - Category A and Category B, based on the potential impacts on human health and natural and manmade resources according to MoEF notification SO 1533 dated 14.9.2006.
All over the world, people are gearing up to combat the challenges posed by climate change uncertainties. In this course of action, the State of West Bengal has already prepared the State Climate Change Action Plan (SCCAP) for introducing climate proofing and adaptation programmes.
With the Secretary, Department of Environment as the Chairman, the Authority consists of official members, experts in the field of geology, marine science or oceanography and representatives from local body or NGO. The Authority has been entrusted with the ..
West Bengal Polution Control BoardW.B.P.C.B.
West Bengal Biodiversity BoardW.B.B.B.
Institute of Enviornmental Studies and Wetland ManagementI.E.S.W.M.
East Kolkata Wetlands Management AuthorityE.K.W.A.M.A.